Narrative Essay On Cake

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I just couldn't get this out of my head so I had to write it out. Just a heads up, I'm not sure of Lexie's exact birthday, so I've made it November 24th mainly because it works with the pregnancy storyline. And since she was born in 1984 that would make her thirty-three in this story. Also, Ethan is five and Paisley is two. Okay, enough of that, enjoy.

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Lexie opens her eyes, feeling around for Mark's body as she wakes. The house is impossibly cold and she can feel it on the sheets when she realizes Mark isn't there. She groans. Last night had been exhausting for her. She had put the kids to sleep and then she and Mark had fallen back into their old ways and had stayed up late into the night making
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She smiles at the sight before her, Mark holding Paisley as Ethan stands on his tip toes, all staring down at a pink frosted cake. It's so obviously homemade and there aren't any candles because this isn't her actual cake. Her actual cake is at Meredith's house, being preserved for dinner later.

"Good morning." She says brightly, smiling at her husband and kids.

"Mommy!" Ethan shrieks, running up and hugging his mother's legs. "Happy birthday! I love you so, so much!"

Lexie laughs, ruffling her son's thick blond hair in her fingers. "Thank you, baby."

"Daddy, I want to give Mommy a kissy and tell her happy birthday." Paisley says to Mark and he laughs as he walks his daughter over to her mother. "Happy birthday, Mommy!" Paisley gives her mother a peck on the cheek Lexie returns the favor, kissing her cheek.

"Happy birthday, Lex." Mark says as he pecks his wife on the lips chastely since the children are in close proximity.

"What were you guys up to in here?" Lexie asks looking around. It's evident that they have been trying to bake a cake, minding her egg allergy.

"We were attempting to bake a cake for you, but I'm not sure we did so great. It turns out it's kinda hard to bake a cake without eggs." Mark
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She leans forward, kissing both Paisley and Ethan on their foreheads.

They continue eating, the kids talking and talking about how excited they are to see their cousins at Meredith's house. Lexie listens intently, grinning as Mark idly rubs her stomach in a circular motion. She enjoys this. She loves spending time with her perfect little family.

After Lexie's birthday breakfast, everyone goes about their business. The kids watch their cartoons in the living room and Mark watches after them. Lexie falls asleep yet again, setting an alarm for eleven A.M. so she'll at least get two adequate hours of sleep before it's time to get ready to go to Meredith's.

But once the alarm sounds it's annoying tone, Lexie groans and slaps the alarm clock, ceasing the noises it emits. She lays there for a second, burying her face in Mark's pillow. It smells like him, a mixture of his aftershave and his cologne. It's an absolutely intoxicating smell. She loves it.

"There she is." Mark announces boldly as he walks back into their bedroom, fully dressed in a dark dress shirt and jeans. "I was beginning to think the birthday girl would never wake

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