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Community Assessment
(Student Name]
Western Governors University
9 May 2015




A. Community Assessment: [city/county name], SC
Located in the Foothills of South Carolina, the city of [city/county name], South Carolina is rapidly growing and has become an appealing destination for short-term and long-term visitors. [city/county name] has spectacular natural beauty, southern charm, and unanticipated contemporary sophistication making it alluring to multigenerational and multicultural groups.
[city/county name] City is located in the center of [city/county name] County. [city/county name] County is located in the northwest of South Carolina, with Western North Carolina
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B3. Cultural Assessment
The Cultural Assessment Tool was used to evaluate the practices and beliefs of the community. By using this tool, assessment was focused on religious affiliation, household composition, and political affiliation. Fifty-seven percent of the population is affiliated with a religious congregation. Fifty percent of those individuals are Southern Baptist, eleven percent are United Methodist Church, eight percent are Catholic, six percent are Presbyterian, with the remaining twenty-five percent being other religions (City-Data, 2015a). Self-report of same-sex unmarried-partner homes reveals that 0.3 percent of all households are gay male couples, and 0.5 percent of all households are lesbian couple households. The average household size is 2.1 people. Fifty percent of households are families, with six percent of those being unmarried. In the 2012 presidential election, sixty-three percent of the voters voted Republican, with thirty-five percent voting Democratic. This trend holds true historically as [city/county name] has shown itself to be primarily Republican voters (City-Data, 2015).
B4. Disaster Assessment and Planning
The Disaster Assessment and Planning Tool was used to identify risks, resources, and preparedness for effective response to an emergency. [city/county name] County Office of
Emergency Management is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the community

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