C156/Wtt Task 1 Essay

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Advanced Information Management and the Application of Technology C156/WTT Task 1
Teresa Miller
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Our one hundred bed hospital is in need of updating from paper charting to computerized health records. In doing this, we will meet our goal of compliance with meaningful use legislation. We assembled a team of members to assist with this task and together we have narrowed the search to two health care systems. Those two systems are EPIC and Meditech and we will now discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, with a final recommendation for our new healthcare system.
Identification and Roles of Team Members/Expertise
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Epic has 58,338 customers using their system that have attested to meaningful use, placing it in the 95th percentile for all EHR software. It uses a server model and Epic offers solutions of Electronic Medical Records, patient scheduling, and practice management. Epic offers e-prescribing, allowing physicians to send prescriptions to local pharmacies, document management, allowing you to import and store documents to access from anywhere, and API availability, application program interface that allows custom integration development. It also offers a claim scrubber which audits insurance claims automatically. Epic has customers in all of the top specialty areas, including cardiology, family practice and general surgery to name a few. It also has speech recognition software, making it easier for doctors to transcribe notes. Epic offers a reporting dashboard, this is a centralized station where you can visualize all your patients at once, see all their data collected, and be able to see who you've rounded on. (EHR/Epic,n.d.) (Epic,n.d.)
Epic has a few disadvantages. The first being the high cost. The more options chosen, the more it costs. This is common with most EHRs. Another disadvantage is that it's software doesn't communicate easily with non Epic systems, due to using a different document file. (Shaywitz, D. 2012) Epic is primarily for larger hospitals, it does not target smaller hospitals or offices and is

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