Buyer Behaviour Literature Quotes Essay

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Consumer behaviour, Peter M. Chisnall (1995) Published London: McGraw-Hill 1995 3rd ed.
“Buying behaviour is complex and influenced by many factors, some of which may conflict with so-called rational decision-making. The interactions of groups and personal behaviour, the interrelationships between attitudes and behaviour, the challenge of authority and status, and the profound, and sometimes subtle, effects of culture on consumption make up, in part, the intricate web of influences which surrounds patterns of consumption.”
“People’s behaviour as consumers of diverse products and services cannot realistically be isolated from their societal roles as parents, workers, students and so on. Personal consumption takes place in a social and
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“ pg. 161
“reference groups do not influence every decision to use, pay for, and buy a product or service.” “Behavioural scientist Francis S. Bourne addressed this question in a pioneering work that proposes that a product’s or service’s conspicuousness is the principle factor that affects whether or not users of that product or service will be susceptible to reference group influence.” Bourne proposed that there are two dimensions (Francis S. Bourne, Group influence in Marketing and Public Relations, in Some Applications of Behavioural Research, eds. R Likert and S.P Hayes (Basil, Switzerland: UNESCO, 1957) pg. 164

“a group that serves as a reference point for the individual in forming his or her beliefs, attitudes, and behaviour. Pg 533 assael, consumer behaviour and marketing action 1998 Title: | Placing Wroe Alderson's contributions to buyer behavior in historical perspective | Author(s): | Robert D. Tamilia, (School of Business, University of Quebec at Montreal, Montreal, Canada) | Citation: | Robert D. Tamilia, (2007) "Placing Wroe Alderson's contributions to buyer behaviour in historical perspective", European Business Review, Vol. 19 Iss: 6, pp.468 - 494 | Keywords: | Consumer behaviour, Marketing, Marketing theory,

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