Essay about Business Strategy Capstone Class Project

1351 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 6 Pages
Business strategy capstone class is a great class that helps me understanding the actual world, problems, economic, and business. In this capstone course, I have to deal with several things with my team’s client Dave Gonzo, who is an artist and an entrepreneur. I approached four university goals to optimize ability for problem solving, and making decision which those university goals are inquiry and critical thinking, communication, appreciation of human diversity and ethical and social responsibility. The project involves a lot of discussion which helps in development of communication skills. The project also requires four class presentations which help in critical thinking. The analysis and interaction with other group members enables me to develop social and ethical responsibilities. Business includes involvement of inter personal relationship which will enable me to develop a bit of human experience. I will be able to interact with different people of different characters. The project is involved in the establishment of a market for Dave Gonzo business. This will enrich help in making me a critical thinker because it is involved in finding ways to penetrate in the market and ensure maximum profit.
Inquiry and critical thinking is defined able to develop and utilize decision criteria for problem/opportunity identification, utilize appropriate data sources, use analytical tools and quantitative evaluation techniques, and select and present a solution consistent with…

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