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Date: November 12, 2013, 2013
Subject: Report
Chrysler Group is not an ideal company for Fictitious University to establish an internship program for their students. The group is facing the threat from recalls impacting its brand image, substantial indebtedness and ignored the discrimination in workplace. It is important for the Fictitious University to choose a suitable company in order to help students with their career. However, Chrysler Group has many weaknesses that are not a good company for student from Fictitious University.
Recalls impacting its brand image
Report shows Chrysler announced too many recalls that impacted its brand image. Among these recalls some are the most popular mode. For example, in 2012, Chrysler
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The substantial indebtedness limits the group’s development. Ignored the discrimination in workplace
Chrysler is sued by one of its employees, Otto May Jr., on how it ignored the discrimination in workplace. Otto was a Cuban immigrant who converted to Judaism. Because of that, he becomes a target of a campaign’s harassment. The situation turns worst from people write negative stuffs on his car, to receiving threat note. Otto reported to his manager, however the company tells him to park his car in salaried employee lot, which was monitored by cameras. However, this idea is not sufficient because a lot of those cameras do not work. Even though, Otto suggests the company that they should replace the broken working camera, but the company does not take any action. As things get worst, Otto has no other choice so he sued the company. This employment litigation causes Chrysler group seems careless about how its employees feel. The way it ignored the discrimination in workplace make it not a suitable company for Fictitious University to establish an internship program with.

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