Business Plan For Car Sharing Services Essay

1906 Words Nov 17th, 2016 8 Pages
The company sells security cameras for ride-sharing services such as Uber, LYFT. The idea behind this business plan is to offer a solution to the problem of crime among both ride-sharing drivers and customers. A direct sale will be made to the ride-sharing companies and it will be installed in the cars to monitor each trip the driver makes. Each trip will be monitored in real time and the video of the trip will also be transferred to the ride-sharing company for future reference. A more secure service will keep the customers and provide an added advantage over competitors. The level of security for each car will vary based on the various services offered by the ride-sharing companies. For instance, UberSelect offers luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi. These cars require a more sophisticated security system compared to a regular Uber car. The security camera is purchased from a company that manufactures the camera. The price of the security camera ranges from $60-$300 depending on how sophisticated it is. The camera will be sold to the ride-sharing companies after an order has been made. One of the strengths of the business plan is that the technology needed is already in place. A weakness of the business is trust among potential customers for a new brand. An opportunity for the business is expanding its services to include home security and surveillance systems for roads. A major threat to the business is the manufacturing of self-driving cars for the ride-sharing…

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