Essay on Business Management (Restaurants)

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Encouraging maximum efficiency of workers

Hierarchy of Employees

The fast food employee hierarchy is most easily understood by comparing it with an ordinary, flowering garden plan - the root represents the kitchen staff; the stem corresponds with the front counter staff and supervisors; the leaves are like the crew bosses; and flowers are the franchise owners and their assistant managers. A root, buried deep in the ground, unseen, but essential, resembles the kitchen workers. Their work is unobserved, but essential. Both start the process of obtaining and delivering what's required to the area where it's needed. Both convert materials to a useful form. The stem is visible. It’s the essential
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“Fair and Reasonable value shall not include any profit to the employer, or to any person affiliated with the employer.

- DOLE Book III – Conditions of Employment

Title III – Wages, Article 97.f

It is explicitly mentioned on the article that employers need to pay their employers fairly according to the services rendered. Failure to do this could result in losing one of your best assets. One should always remember that the amount of salary a regular employee receives can influence the best-would-be-workers to your company.

In-service Trainings

Well-trained employees are the key to your small business success. Studies have shown that the most successful, productive employees are those who have received extensive training. They’re the cream of the crop, often having the strongest stake in the company’s future. In an ideal world, you

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