Business Management And Corporate World Essays

833 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
Since I started studying business management, I have read many self-improvement books related to business management and corporate world. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of them was not appealing to me due to either the authors’ style of covering topics or unsuccessful choices of the topics. On the other hand, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College by Alexandra Levit was truly a game changer for me. Years of Levit’s experience in the corporate world and her writing talent combined together produced a phenomenal roadmap for starters as myself. The book drew my attention from the first chapter until the last one. In addition, I gained truly valuable knowledge that will help me exceed in my future business life. Therefore, They Don’t Teach Corporate in College became one my favorite self-improvement books I have ever read. Behind the book’s positive impact on me, there are Levit’s success to cover every possible but also important aspect of the corporate world and her effective methods of teaching them. One way that this book is one of my favorites is the fact that Levit provides diversified and key information related to the corporate world unlike most of the books which talk only about a small proportion of today’s business world. From basic tips such as how to write a professional email, make friends at work, drink carefully front of your colleagues and managers, and use social media effectively to key business skills such as problem solving, risk taking, networking…

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