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1008ICT Business Informatics – Assignment
Question 1 – A

Question 1 – B
In order to make the change for Champions location from Sydney to Perth, I used the Find & Select button located at the top right hand corner of the toolbar. Select ‘Replace’ from the drop down menu.
When it opens it allows you to find what you would like to replace and with what. I entered Sydney in ‘Find what’ and Perth in ‘Replace with’. I then clicked on ‘Find Next’.

It searched the document and found the first instance of ‘Sydney’. In my case the first selection did not need to be changed so I clicked on ‘Find Next’ again. This time it selected an entry that needed to be changed so I selected ‘Replace’ and continued
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40 Gbps or more
- 10.472 Mbps
- 10.682 Mbps
Satellite WAN – OC-768, etc. 40 Gbps or more
Other - 10.921 Mbps

Question 3-D
I believe that the speed tests that I completed ranked this way due to demand on the network at the time that the tests were completed. The greater the demands on the lines, the slower the speed users receive. Two tests were completed using an Optical Fibre Cable and line speed was much lower than the maximum speed. I believe based on the results of the third test that the user is using either a Coaxial Cable (Cable modem) or an Optical Fibre Cable like myself.
Question 4-A

Question 4-B
Using a critical path analysis for planning the campaign can be effective for two reasons. Firstly, if an item is on the critical path analysis it means that if the task runs late, so in turn will the project. Secondly, those tasks that are not on the critical path analysis can be moved to consolidate the schedule and can run late to a certain extent before it becomes part of the critical path analysis. (Kroenke, 2012, pp590). This gives the manager greater ability to plan and make sure that the campaign is delivered on time.
Question 4-C
If I was running the campaign, I would be using the critical path

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