Essay on Business Health Care For The Homeless

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Business in Healthcare Associated with Homelessness People experiencing homelessness are often correlated with having health issues and eventually, these health concerns can also cause homelessness. The National Health Care for the Homeless Council estimated that 70% of Health Care for the Homeless clients do not have health insurance because of low incomes and insufficient resources for health services (National Coalition for the Homeless, 2012). Those individuals already experiencing homelessness are three to six times more likely to become ill because of the lack of good nutrition, good personal hygiene, and first aid that are essential to achieving optimal health. Housing provides consistency and these individuals with the opportunity to address their mental illnesses and physical health. Ending homelessness is not only beneficial for those moving into housing, but also for healthcare systems as well (Garrett, 2012, p. 17).
Funding Sources Ending homelessness can be costly, but it has been proven to improve the health of a community. According to Garrett (2012), “the Homeward Bound of Asheville Housing First program costs about $10,000 per person annually, which is substantially less than its costs our community to maintain a homelessness individual” (p. 18). Nonprofit organizations like this one and federal agencies like the United States Interagency Council on Homelessness are examples of funding sources that are helpful for those seeking housing and medical…

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