Burmese Pythons Research Paper

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Hiss! As the Burmese Python slithers through the Marsh.The presence of the Burmese Python is changing the Everglades drastically.These snakes are changing the Everglades drastically as people get them as a pet and then don’t want them anymore so they release them into the wild, Most species are going extinct or near extinct because the pythons don’t have a natural predator so they eat and shrink the population of their food, and shrinking the population one Python at a time. Do you think that the presence of the Burmese Python is changing the Everglades?
To begin with, most people get Burmese Pythons as a pet and then don’t want them anymore so they release them in the Everglades. According to Source 4 “Burmese Pythons The Ecosystem Challenge”
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These predators are humans and mother nature because from January 12th to February 10th it is game on and people from all around the United States come down to hunt for these snakes and win the grand prize of $1500 for the biggest Burmese Python caught and the most caught. According to Source 1 “Burmese Python Not the Ideal Pet” it states “To kill their prey, they first grasp it with their back curving teeth. When the animal tries to pull away, it only sinks further into the python’s grip. Then, the python coils its long and powerful body around the animal, squeezes until the animal dies, and then swallows it whole.”This means that they can be a full …show more content…
Meaning that the population of these snakes has taken over so much that back in 2013 the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission started its 1st ever Python Challenge to shrink the population of the snakes. Source 2 “Florida’s Python Hunt” Lines 25-37 it states “...Python Challenge.Open to the public from January 12th to February 10th, the challenge is to hunt and kill Burmese Pythons, with a grand prize of $1500 awarded to the hunter who kills the most pythons, and another $1000 to the hunter who bags the longest one.” With this being said they are not even having experienced people do this they are having people who might have of never even seen a snake before hunting. They do this all because they want to kill as many snakes as they can to drop the population by a couple hundred and then next year it happens all over again because these animals can reproduce at least 35 baby Burmese Pythons at a time through about a month period.That is how the people are shrinking the Burmese Python

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