Bullying : The Bullies And The Victims Essay

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Bully. It means threatening to someone, often frightening that person into doing something. It also refers to a person who threatens to someone, forcing that person to do something. There are two types of groups: the bullies and the victims. I was a victim for six years from middle school to high school in Korea. It was a tough time for me but I managed to overcome and to move on my life. As a person who was a victim in her schooldays, I highly think that bullying should be stopped in any ways for people and society.
People can see the news about committing a suicide from bullying every year in Korea. Those people who killed themselves were students, soldiers, workers and many more people. Bullying has been a major problem in Korean society and now parents are afraid of sending their children to schools. According to Committee for Children (2016), the percentage of children who have experienced bullying was twenty five percent and only twenty percent of those bullied children have reported their being victimized to their parents or teachers. Sadly, teenagers who would have brighten the future ended their life in injustice, soldiers who were the proud of their parents shot themselves, the workers or the people in the media hanged themselves only because they were sexual minorities.
Why do people bully others and what do they gain from it? From my long-time experience, I can say there are two clear reasons for bullying. One reason is for a sweet, but ugly bond. People have…

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