Essay about Bullying Schools And Neglected Or Prevented?

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Bullying in schools, neglected or prevented?
As she walked into school the only thing she could think of was, is he going to say something to me again today? For the past three weeks Madison had been bullied by someone that was supposed to be her very close friend. Every day all she heard was about how fat she was or how ugly she was or that she would never become someone, she was just going to die and no one would care. School was a living hell and Madison couldn’t handle it, there was no escaping him, he would always find her each day. The teachers heard him bullying her and never said a word, it was always her fault and soon she began to believe that it was. Madison turned to starving herself and shutting herself out from the rest of the world because if the teachers who saw it happening did not care, who would? Bullying is a worldwide situation that has grown in the last few years. Not only are the victims of this bullying being put down but they also have started to turn more towards suicide and end their lives because of this awful situation. The education system along with the help of teachers, principals, and all educational workers there have introduced multiple resources like anti-bullying programs into schools. These resources were started to help encourage victims of bullying to talk about what has or is happening, and to also encourage people to stand up for other kids that are being bullied, but the staff does not follow through on the programs. Every day a…

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