Essay on Bullying Is A Controversial Issue

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Bullying is a controversial issue, whether it may be from discrimination or any form of harassment.
Bullying, discrimination, harassment and many more like cases occurs quite often through various ways. Many times it occurs in public and other times it occurs where no one can see but you and that other person. Whatever way it happens; it happens and few that have against it. People don’t realize the harm of such actions and if they do they don’t show signs that they care until something happens. Whatever it may be, the use of slurs (racial or nonracial) are high and have an impact on one’s mentality even though they might seem fine. The first incident that I remembered occurred when I was in 3rd grade. It was probably the first day of school, and I was somewhat excited. Being that I am an Asian-American raised in a highly populated black community, I don’t see nor have much Asian friends. Also I was young and a bit naïve. Okay, I was very naïve. Looking back on it, I wasn’t sure what I was thinking back then. During the first day, I met another Asian and tried to engage with him. It didn’t end well. Why? Because from then to now my surname will function as a slur. This exact event may not happen to others but similar cases where kids start a trend amongst themselves based on another kid’s difference do happen more than it should. The second incident took place around the half of high school. There was this kid that lived in my…

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