Lori Hutcherson's Analysis

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Division is a powerful word that can lead to terrible consequences. Today, our nation has succumbed to a racial divide that is exponentially growing. What is the cause of the separation? It is the color of our skin. At this pace, we are creating a nation that is filled with hate and segregation. Imagine one being treated or viewed differently due to one’s race. Lori Hutcherson successfully depicts her personal experiences dealing with racism throughout her life to illuminate the idea of “white privilege.” If an individual has never been in an uncomfortable situation due to his or her skin complexion, then one has white privilege. Hutcherson shares her experiences not to make people uncomfortable or to blame them, but to make people more aware …show more content…
This destabilization was due to the fact that majority of the students in my school was white and I was Asian. The idea of “white privilege” is something that is real. Many deny this idea because they have never faced this discrimination before. After attending an all-white high school, where I was one of the handful of minorities, I was faced with two major racial incidences that I would never forget. During freshman year, I had an English teacher who was anti-feminist, he stated so on the first day of class, and was deemed “favorite” by many of the students because of his relaxed attitude. In class, I never caused any trouble and always turned in my homework assignments on time. After editing one of my papers, the teacher told me to “Take a seat, dumpling.” I was appalled and looked at him with widened eyes. Blood rushed to my face and my heart pounded. Looking around, I searched the faces of other students to see if they had heard what I just heard, but all I saw in return was blank faces that did not seem to care. Once class ended, I revealed to one of my white friends about the incident. She did not see any problem with this name calling and tells me that I am overacting. After several attempts in explaining why I was hurt, I walked away in anger not understanding why she did not see the insult of him calling me “dumpling.” It is not her fault that she did not know why I was offended; it was just

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