Bullying in Schools Essay

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Bullying in Schools: Every second and minute of the day a kid is bullied. Bullying is something that is not only happening here in the U.S. but all over the world. We need to put a stop to! As parents, school educators, and a community we need to stand up to bullies and give kids who are being bullied an outlet to reach out for help. According to No Bully.com bullying is defined as a form of repeated aggression that is directed by one or more people towards another person. One of the biggest problems facing our school kids today is bullying. A typical schoolchild has a nearly 25 percent chance of being involved in bullying on school grounds, teasing or taunting on the bus, sexual harassment, “flaming” on the internet, and …show more content…
Every adult in our schools, from the principal to the janitor, should be trained in how to recognize bullying and what actions to take to stop it. A great deal of school here in the U.S. does not have bullying programs set up for their teachers or students. One program that is most commonly used in our schools is the Olweus bullying prevention program. It is designed to improve peer relations and make schools safer, more positive places for students to learn and develop. Goals of the program include; reducing existing bullying problems among students, preventing new bullying problems, and achieving better peer relations at schools. Schools also need to have assembles and classroom discussion on bullying. These programs, assembles, training sessions for our teachers can not be a one day event or done once a year, it needs be taken seriously. School officials need to have polices set up in place and start listening to their students when they come to them that bullying is a problem. Too many of our kids are committing suicide, shooting up classrooms, becoming depressed because the teachers and school officials are not standing up for them. Our kids depend on their teachers to make school a safe place for them to come and learn.
Here are some stories of bullying here in the state of New Hampshire. One story is of an Irish girl named Phoebe Prince. She was only 15 years old when she decided to hang herself in her closet

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