Bullying Essay: The Causes Of Cyberbullying

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It’s happening everyday. To my friends, to my family, to my classmates. Killing them, hurting them, making them feel worthless. And everyone is just sitting back and letting it happen. Cyberbullying is the number one cause of this. Cyberbullying is much more than just traditional bullying. Kids all over the world are depressed, upset, and even taking their own lives because others are not caring about their feelings. One student impacted by cyberbully even said, "It makes me hurt both physically and mentally. It scares me and takes away all my confidence. It makes me feel sick and worthless" (Hinduja). This problem cannot continue any longer and some ways to stop this is first making awareness of it, by placing posters around the school. And …show more content…
Depression, suicide, feeling worthless, mental illnesses and everything know one should never have to experience. Kids, adults, and especially teen are constantly being put down over and over, whether it’s a “joke” or not. But, these hurtful comments are getting to teens and causing them to harm themselves and feel worthless. Recently in 2012 a study was conducted of 41 cases of teens taking their lives and concluded that 32 percent of the young adults were diagnosed with a mood disorder. Likewise the other 15 percent were diagnosed with many symptoms following up to depression (Auld). Another recent study done by researchers had said by “Selecting approximately 2,000 randomly-selected middle-schoolers from one of the most populous school districts in the United States, 20% of respondents reported seriously thinking about attempting suicide (19.7% of females; 20.9% of males), while 19% reported attempting suicide (17.9% of females; 20.2% of males). This is comparable to other studies focusing on adolescent population”(Hinduja). These are our peers, our friends, our classmates and most us are just sitting back and letting people drag them down. 39% of kids attempting/thinking about suicide is crazy. Everyone needs to check their comments and messages over twice before it is sent, and think how will they feel whenever they receive this message? To stop cyberbullying, many actions can be taken, but two in particular. One, make awareness of cyberbullying. This can be done by hanging up posters around the school telling people what cyberbullying really is and how it affects people mentally and physically. How people are making decisions that cost them their life and how worthless they really feel. Another way to prevent cyberbullying would be to bring in someone who has been cyberbullied. This would put things in perspective for kids that think cyberbullying isn’t a big deal, and show it can happen to anyone.

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