Bullying Failing Schools

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Bullying and Its Correlation with Failing Schools Why are pupils at public schools achieving low test scores? Why are some students succeeding in their high school career but others failing? Why is bullying being permitted to burden the performance of students, thus lowering their test scores?
The National Assessment of Educational Progress states that only twenty-six percent of students have more or the sufficient amount of math skills that is required by their grade level, and thirty-six percent of students can read at a level corresponding to their grade. According to research casualties of bullying perform at a lower level in school than students who do not experience bullying, and even when other factors
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One of their main reasons is that students do not prepare for tests, and they do not even attempt to complete their assignments, and therefore end up failing the classes. They state that students are lazy and are not willing to do the work they are given. According to research students who experience bullying are unable to concentrate on their homework and assignments. These students are not reluctant to learn; they are just traumatized from what they have to go through close to everyday. Secondly, they argue that pupils do not focus during class so they get left behind by their class, and do not do as well as the rest of their classmates. Students who undergo bullying find it increasingly more difficult to concentrate in class. The victims focus more on the next time they might get bullying than on the instructions given by the teacher, so they miss the lesson. As a result of this things pupils lose their positions in class. Lastly, they explain that students do not raise their hands, participate or try to find out more by asking questions about the topics being taught to them. While addressing her study on bullying published on August 19, 2010, University of California Professor Jaana Juvonen articulated that, “Students who are repeatedly bullied receive poorer grades and participate less in class discussions. Some students may get mislabeled as low achievers …show more content…
First of all the programs would teach students about the effects of bullying and how it may utterly ruin another person 's life. At the first White House Conference on Bullying Prevention on March 2010, President Barack Obama announced that, “If there’s one goal of this conference, it’s to dispel the myth that bullying is just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up. It’s not.” Others think that bullying is not a severe problem and Obama was supporting the fact that that is bogus. Children are easily influenced and if they think that bullying is alright then they might commence to take part in it or support it, and this part of the program would be to make sure they are fully educated about the dangers involved in bullying. The programs would also illustrate to students the need and the right way to intervene in bullying. Eighty-five percent of bullying is done in front of peers, but bystanders only try to stop it ten percent of the time, even though seventy-five percent of those who try succeed in discontinuing the bullying. When intervention is done correctly, the bullying is ended within ten seconds, fifty-six percent of the time so it is crucial that students know how to stop bullying. A built-in bully rehabilitation would be the last thing included. As mentioned before

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