Analysis Of Paulo Freire 's Banking Concept Of Education

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Dalal Farah
Professor Oderlin
English 1A
16 February 2016
The Key Education like other things is the key to success. Education has been around for longer than we have known. Over the years, there have been many changes to the education system. These changes made the education system better and worse. The education system today is very similar to Paulo Freire’s “Banking Concept of Education”. Throughout the years as changes were made the education system began to differ from Freire’s. Unfortunately, standardized testing is still a common trait of the education system today just like Freire. But, one that has been a problem for the past couple of years that is effecting our education, bullying, which has not been part of the “Banking Concept of Education”.
“A typical student takes 112 mandated standardized tests between pre-kindergarten classes and 12th grade, a new Council of the Great City Schools study found”(Layton, 2015). Each state is required to set standards for each high school, specifically in each grade level. So, throughout the school year teachers are obligated to follow those standards. This is very similar to Freire’s views on the standards set into the education system. For Freire, the teacher choses the content they wish to represent the course and the students have to adjust to understand it themselves (Freire, 1993). According to the National Center for Education Statistics, in the United States the average number of days in the school year is 180 (SASS,

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