Building Consent And Resource Consent Essay

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Building consent and resource consent documentation and territorial authority stages prepared and managed

There won’t be any work on your construction project unless you have the building consent and some other needed consents, such as resource consent. There are four stages that contribute for a construction project. Making a good application is very important if you need a building consent. By making good plan and right research, may also benefit in accelerating consent handling and approval period.

Stages before the construction starts

First of all the plans are made so that it confirms all the costs and feasibility of the project. Then the most important process was to get the Project Information Memorandum (PIM)/ Territorial Authority Notification (TAN)

Project Information Memorandum (PIM)/ Territorial Authority Notification (TAN)
This report is given by the councils under the building act so that it can be decided if the construction of the building is possible and practical. There is a great advantage if the PIM is applied in advance. This is before applying for the building consent or resource consent. The PIM report will help you understand what the council knows about the project and requirements. The council provides you the application form with a certain fees. Then the council will take approximately 20 days to give the PIM report once the application is submitted. By now you will come to know if you require…

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