Building An End For Smart Packaging Essays

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Building an end-to-end platform for smart packaging
Jabil and Nypro are in a very unique position to provide an end-to-end smart packaging solution. Nypro believes smart packaging is all about the engineered integration of rigid plastic with flexible films and/or electronics technology tailored specifically to enhance its customer’s packaging solutions. However, Nypro and Jabil take it a step further by leveraging their deep expertise in supply chain and logistics as well as a global footprint that produces economies of scale most competitors cannot touch.
Nypro’s parent company, Jabil, has made a significant commitment to leading the smart packaging conversation from ideation, prototype, and commercialization of products. In early 2015, Jabil opened its 100,000-square-foot Blue Sky Center in San Jose, CA, to support both end-to-end product development and the integration of innovative technologies for smart packaging, manufacturing, and supply chain solutions under one roof. Jabil is also in the process of opening another technology center in Chicago to add additional support for its customers.
More recently, Nypro announced a bold step into the smart packaging marketplace by acquiring Spanish based Plasticos Castella. This acquisition allows Nypro to not just expand their geographic footprint, but establish themselves as thought leaders in all aspects of smart packaging from; static, active, interactive, and intelligent packaging. From a geographic footprint, this…

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