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The World Health Organization state the definition of health being: health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

A negative concept of health concentrates on the absence of disease or illness. It suggests that you can only be regarded as being healthy if you have no disease or illness.

Positive concepts view health as a state of well-being as an individual might feel well even if they have a disease. When asked how they feel they might express that they 'feel great today' even if they are suffering from a serious illness.

Care professionals usually adopt a holistic approach to care and support, as they see their role is to address the needs of a person
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They say that the government does not do enough to tackle the issues that lead to illness as this costs money

The Feminist Approach
Feminist writers have concentrated on male domination in the medical professions and how it had an impact on women. They've been more concerned on the way pregnancy and childbirth is seen, as pregnancy and childbirth have been seen as medical issues rather than natural processes. Feminists also state on the way low priority of development and promotion of the male contraceptive pill (which has been said to have less harmful side effects than the women contraceptive) , as women suffer anxiety , mental health and depression. These issues are seen as a medical problem but for which medicine is a solution. But this does mean women’s day to day circumstances may be the cause of stress. Marxist and other socialist feminist have been focused on the impact of social inequalities on women's health. As in the book 'In What Makes Women Sick? By Lesley Doyal (1995) 'as this book highlights about how often women have full time jobs outside the home life and also taking responsibility of the domestic life.

Biomedical model
The model of health which was dominated by the western societies was the biomedical model ever since the industrial revolution of the mid-nineteenth century. According to biomedical model, it is said that health is the absence of disease and the

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