Broken Heart Syndrome Short Story

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Jisoo had always regarded himself as an inquisitive individual.
He found gratification in asking questions that were not meant to be asked. He found contentment in understanding things that weren’t meant to be understood. He found fulfilment in knowing how things of complexity functioned; how all the tiny gears came together to create something significant.
Because there was a beauty in understanding; a beauty in comprehending. Because with understanding came the absence of naivety and ignorance. Which were two (out of the many) things that drove Jisoo absolutely insane.
But no matter how many questions he asked, there was still one thing that he couldn’t understand.
Well, not so much as a ‘Thing’ but more like a ‘Who’.
He couldn’t understand
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“It’s happens when you’re going through an emotionally stressful event, especially a breakup or the death of a loved one. It can feel like a heart attack or a stroke, but it’s not the same thing. They say that the amount of physical pain that would come from your heart literally breaking, translates into the amount of pain you feel emotionally. That’s why it hurts so much.”
And then the boy turned to face Soonyoung, and the way that they looked at each other meant nothing and everything all at
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Just like every emotion we are capable of feeling has a reason. If we never felt scared; we’d never know danger, and if we never felt happiness, well, you can only imagine how desolate this world would be. If we weren’t meant to fall in love, then we wouldn’t. But we are meant to fall in love. Because love, just like every human emotion, demands to be felt.”
And then the boy broke his gaze with Soonyoung and turned his attention to the ground.
“I know I’ve probably only answered half of your question, but I just wanted to point out that the second option is invalid. Because you can’t simply choose to ‘not love’. It’s impossible to avoid something you have no control over.”
Mr Lee gave the boy an assertive nod, “That’s an interesting perspective, Jihoon.”
The said boy shrugged, sinking back into his chair like everything he had said meant nothing.
And then Jisoo turned to see Soonyoung; and the blonde boy looked at Jihoon as if everything that he’d said meant exactly that; everything.
“Jisoo,” Mr Lee said, “You seem to be unusually quiet today, do you have anything to say?”
“Umm…” Jisoo said, uncomfortably shifting in his seat, “I think you should

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