Brief Synopsis : My Story Essay

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Brief Plot Overview

My story will be split into two sections, following three interwoven, though not necessarily chronological, plots. The first section commences with an indistinguishable person searching their cluttered apartment for an undefined object. Eventually this object is revealed to be a wig, as the person recently experienced total and unexplained hair loss. No remnants of hair were found in their apartment. As the person is generally reclusive and unsociable (though, notably, not incapable of social interaction), the wig is necessary to maintain their longstanding relationship with their hairdresser – the only person with whom they routinely interact. It is ultimately discovered they have not yet purchased a wig, and are merely searching to pass time.
The person then receives a letter, which are apparently delivered weekly, containing instructions that are more involved than usual. They are required to visit the local park with a briefcase, which is located outside, and wait for someone to take the briefcase. No allusions are made to who this person will be, leading them to theorise it is everyone they see. The person used to visit this park frequently, and passes time observing its evolution, while analysing others. Ultimately, the briefcase is taken (although readers are not privy to who takes it, their need for it, or who sends the letters), concluding section one.
Section two is less fully former thus far, but essentially contrasts explorations of the…

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