Literary Criticism Of The Storm By Kate Chopin

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Prakash Aryal
Dr. Suzette Bishop
English 1302-201
February 17, 2018

Literary Analysis on “The Storm” “The Storm” is a short story written by Kate Chopin in 1898. The story did not publish until 1969. The Author did not make any attempt of publishing the story as it contains some adulterous scenes at the main part of climactic tale which would not be acceptable to her readers at her time. The story is about the reignition of passion between two married man and woman that leads them to be free and delightful. Most of Chopin’s stories are based on love and liberation of woman which reflects feminism and romanticism as two basic parts of her literary device. With proper characterization, erotic metaphors and symbolism, Chopin explains how Calixta’s desire leads her like a storm.
When she first appears in the story, Calixta is a responsible and caring housewife waiting for her husband and son to come back home. Her husband Bobinot
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