Actions And Symbols In Act Without Words And Soul Gone Home

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In the two plays Act Without words and Soul Gone Home the playwrights develop the theme of their play in uncommon way. They try to send their play’s message by making the readers think deeply and by making him imagine what they are reading. The words do not have the importance of actions and symbols in these plays. Moreover, they show the area when the people begin losing their trust in God. They give up trying to face the struggle and to have the courage to develop themselves and their life. This reveals by using several symbols and by the actions of the characters. Thus, Beckett and Hughes use actions and symbols in order to reveal the lives of their main characters in both Act Without words and Soul Gone Home.
Symbols appear like characters
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In this play the protagonist has thrown into the dessert then his adventure towards knowledge begins. He, firstly, tries to escape, but he continuously is thrown back until he gives up trying. The protagonist symbolizes the ego of human being; which is responsible of the awareness desires. For example, he feels that his body needs to relax, and then a tree appears behind him. The tree’s shade symbolizes an area for physical comfort for the protagonist where his will to relax his body is done. In Hughes’ play, Soul Gone Home, he also reveals his characters life by using symbols. The play takes place in a visual image in the night which is dark black. Night symbolizes the Afro-American people’s life. They do not have the control of being black-skinned, but the white people have the control to make their life black as they do not give them their rights as human beings. The pennies on the son eyes symbolize the poverty of this family, because seeking for money in white society can leads to blind. Moreover, colors are main symbols in this play. The son describes as “dark boy” and “in a torn white shirt” (Hughes 706), which shows how Afro-American people try to gain their rights in a white society, however, they are deprived to gain them which appears by the torn white shirt of the son. When the …show more content…
In the play, Act Without Words, the first action of the character is when he is trying to escape from the life which God chooses it for him. This action shows that this man is not familiar with the place and has not any courage to experience it. Then, by looking at his hands, as if he sees them for the first time, he seems that he is exploring his own body. The action of noticing that there is something must be done for his nails shows that human being have the ability to recognize the right from the wrong, using the scissors to cut his nails confirms that. When the bottle of water appears to him he tries to catch it, this shows that human being have the desire to live and have fear of death. He keeps trying to arrive to this bottle so he can survive by thinking of use the box and then by putting another box above the first one and then a third above the other two boxes, however, all his efforts have failed then gives up. By thinking of committing suicide this shows how the body without food and water begins to seek for death, it becomes weak like feather. In Soul Gone home the action also take place in showing up the condition of the character’s life. The mother, in the beginning of the play, appears weeping and speaking to her child’s dead body and “stroking his head” (Hughes 706), then she requires from him to speak “just a word” (706). In

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