Essay on Brazil Is A Democratic State

2115 Words May 1st, 2016 null Page
Notably, in Latin America, especially in Brazil, development has grown both economically and for individuals in the region. Although, since the beginning, there were a few obstacles in the way of the country’s ability to grow effectively and maintain its state capacity (issues facing Brazil’s state capacity exists today, and impedes the countries consolidation for Democracy). Not to mention, the Brazilian President’s impeachment process cries out a majority of the wrong doings that are occurring in the 21st century. And due to the legacies left behind from the colonization of the Portuguese— over time, elites in power have managed to transition the economy around for development, which have been in their best interest. As a result, Brazil is a democratic state today. Even though Brazil is a democratic state, it is not yet a consolidated democracy because of the patronage, average of obstacles, including corruption and weak political institutions; in this paper, you will see what the statistics of Brazil are, how colonialism has shaped the region in effect of the ethnic conflicts, the indications of GDP over the past decades, and the state capacity, as well as Democracy in Brazil despite the achievements the region has accomplished.
Above all, the fact that Brazil’s Gross Domestic Product is one of the highest globally, developmental issues in the economy is still a drawback. As Stiglitz has mentioned prior to his overall research, it is clear to see that Brazil has…

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