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According to an Edelman report on Gen Y-ers, Gen Y-ers see brands as a form of self expression. The more a brand aligns with a persons lifestyle, the more likely it is that he/she will personally identify with the brand.
On social networking sites, Gen Y-ers use brands as a “personal identifier” second only to religion and ethnicity.
This trend is global. In a very telling sentence, one Russian Gen Y-er states, “Some brands help me to create my image.”
So, I predict that brand tattoos are gaining popularity because more and more people are seeing brands as extension of themselves. People identify brands they feel reflect their personality, and get brand tattoos as a primary form of self expression. paid this woman
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“As long as the brand fits the demographic of what your target market is. If you’re a bad girl or a bad boy, as long as the brand or service is trying to attract that core demographic, you’re in business,” commented CMM’s spokesperson.
“There’s the old saying that there is no bad publicity as long as they spell your name right, and to a certain degree I think that is true,” adds Tateel. “Such as the Janet Jackson situation” – where Jackson’s breast display during the American Superbowl halftime caused a burst of publicity – “while there was such negative press about it, the reality is it did exactly what it set out to do – which was it sold records. It got extra publicity for her. There was evidence after the Super Bowl incident that hits on the website and on album sites and the number of albums sold increased.” (Jackson’s new CD, “Damita Jo,” wasn’t yet released at press time. However, on February 5, it was reported by that Jackson and the event became the most searched-for event in Lycos history. According to Google, users searched for “Janet Jackson” almost 10 times more the day after the Super Bowl than the previous day.)
The price of fame may be high for celebrities turned brands, but they

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