Hrm/531 Week 4

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Appendix B

o Brand Terms & Success or Failure
Chapter 7 in the textbook defines value proposition is benefits and values a company promises to give to their customers in order to satisfy their needs and wants. Pricing is the amount a company will charge a consumer to purchase their product. In analyzing Manning, Reece & Ahearne (2012) authors stated value proposition can lead to success of a sales proposal because when a customer hears that a company will meet their needs and wants, it captures their interest. That is a good thing but only if the company is actually able to keep their promises made to the customers. If they do not then customers will be a lot less likely to look into their product and make any purchases (Manning, Reece & Ahearne,
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According to Manning, Reece & Ahearne (2012) style flexing can improve sales because being able to adjust your communication style to others means that you can have the same views as that person and can relate to similar points and views. In analyzing author Liberman, (2013) stated you and the person you are communicating with can be on the same page, therefore communicating should be easy (Liberman, 2013). Style flexing can not only improve sales, it can also add sales value. Style flexing is beneficial because when you and the customer are on different views, things tend to often get miscommunicated and sometimes it can leave the customer feeling uncomfortable and frustrated (Manning, Reece & Ahearne 2012). Style flexing can be a success in one 's sales proposal because communicating with the customer is a key factor when selling a product or service. According to author Zeckman, (2012) stated if one is able to adapt to the customer 's communication style, it is easier to communicate and agree on certain things (Zeckman, 2012). If you successfully can communicate with the customer then they will view you as someone who can help him meet their …show more content…
Manning, Reece & Ahearne (2012) authors stated when you meet a new customer, you want to ask the customer what specifically they are looking for in the product, and this can be very helpful because it narrows down the options so that you can offer a customer something that would satisfy them. The most we can ask the customer questions and also make them comfortable enough to ask the salesperson questions, therefore not only are you helping the customer but you are also communicating and making a potentially long term relationship with the customer (Manning ,Reece & Ahearne ,2012). Solution selling can be successful if it is used correctly. According to author Liberman, (2013) stated sometimes salespeople tend to offer customers all the products without asking what they are looking for and it tends to confuse customers, which is not what we want (Liberman, 2013). This is why solution selling can be beneficial. We narrow down our options and inform the customer which products we think best suits them. This also is helpful for value added selling, if a customer wants something from the product/service and they can only get it for an additional cost, you can inform them of the add-on as well and how they can benefit from the

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