Carol Dweck Brainology Analysis

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Rough Draft In “Brainology”, Carol Dweck talks about how the many different types of students work for their educational goals. Also how many of them go through workshops to experiment in the project Dweck is trying to make everyone realize. As for me, I am slightly different from the students Dweck talks about, I only have one other sibling going to school that knows what I have to go through. Throughout my life I’ve experienced many lectures by the people I love and by strangers, but little did I know that their advice was going to help me in the near future so I didn’t listen to them which affected me academically. Freshman year in high school I took AP classes all the way to junior year to better my education and to be offered more opportunities, but junior year I unexpectedly starting slacking off. I had lots of people encouraging me except I was stubborn and wouldn’t listen to anyone, I thought they were just trying to cheer me up. The …show more content…
Dweck talks about how group failure isn’t acceptable, you have to learn from your mistakes. Going back to my high school years, there was a major point where I would stress myself over the school work. I was taking 9 periods at that time I wouldn’t get out until 9, so when I would get home I didn’t have time to really work on anything. The night classes I was taking were CNA classes which took a lot out of me because I had packets to do that were due the next day, on top of that I had my other school work. All my teachers including my mom noticed that I needed support so they were there encouraging me to never give up until the objective was done, until I felt like it was enough. Every night I had to study my mom would stay up with me keeping me awake helping me study, she never left my side until I was completely

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