The Characteristics Of Brainology: What Is Brainology?

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What is “Brainology”? Brainology is the different type of mindset every person has. A growth mindset which people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work and a fixed mindset people believe their basic qualities, like their intelligence or talent. They spend their time documenting their intelligence or talent instead of developing them. My growth experience came from really small and continued on.
My educational experience has been pretty good throughout my life. I’ve started since preschool and continued on. I went from preschool to elementary school to middle school in the town where I live called Terra Bella Ca. When I attended kindergarten I flunked and had to retake kindergarten again but
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Secondly a growth mindset which has to do with my kind of mind set the mindset where it cares about what they learn instead of their looks and getting a degree, these types of mindsets don’t care much about there grades they just care about their subject and study. It as in an example, if a student were to get a bad grade they were to study more and find different ways to be able to learn and understand about what their learning. As a student, I know I have a growth mindset but as a person I still have struggles that make them become as challenges into my life. As a growth mindset I learn from very small how to manage what I learn. I also have my challenges to overcome as a …show more content…
But I believe life is learning experiences that were able to realize our strengths and weakness which can help us become better individuals. One of my strengths as a loner is mathematics. Since I was in middle school I’ve always like math it always grab my attention and soon I continued to high school and finished graduating from high school passing calculus class. As well as math, I also like science because it grabbed my attention as well being able to learn how our body functions since I took biology and physiology I agreed that my goal and career was to become a doctor. All though I have my strengths but a human being I also have my weakness. Which have to do with history that was something I wasn’t good at because it has to do about person in the pass with difficult vocabulary continuing on English is my main weakness because since I come from a Mexican family it was really hard for me to speak English and as well I also have difficult time reading and spelling out words. But with these weaknesses and strength I pan on learning from them. I plan to take more responsibilities in order to build on my strengths and for my weakness I plan on study more get some help with some pass leaders here in my college as well as some tutoring just to make my weakness a little easier because I know anything is possible. I just need

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