Borgata Case Study Industrial Orgnizational Psychology Essay

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Industrial/Organizational Psychology Mod 2 Critical Thinking

As former Director of Marketing for, I am very familiar with the benefits and pitfalls of high-volume/high-quality recruiting. If I were conducting the extensive recruitment that the Borgata required, I would have done exactly the same thing and relied on outside expertise and technology to attain recruitment goals. As John Schadler of Hotel and Motel Management states: “Instead of the traditional recruitment effort (the standard black and while, all-text ad in Sunday’s classified section), hotels and resorts are using colorful full-page ads in lifestyle magazines, witty dialogue in radio advertising and dramatic visuals on outdoor billboards to attract the “best
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Users give a great deal of personal information out in order to use these sites and companies like Monster are then able to collect mine and store that information. For instance, NASA realized it did not have enough scientists with solid math and engineering backgrounds to staff space programs for the future. They turned to us at Monster and we were able to determine that children tended to lose interest in math and science during the 6th grade. We also determined how to best motivate and inspire them to continue study in math and science and incentivize those studies with scholarships, summer camps and college incentives. In similar fashion, companies like Monster and PeopleSoft are able to mine appropriate populations before they even begin the recruiting process by using their proprietary databases. By initiating advertising and marketing strategies most favored by the defined populations targeted, companies such as PeopleSoft and are able to design integrated campaigns across a full spectrum of electronic and traditional media. All marketing is designed to lead candidates to apply via web or come in person to employment fairs for the client. Electronic marketing pre-screens applicants through the use of software spiders and keyword analyzers to refine the candidate pool and teams of trained representatives are able to further refine candidates at the in-person real-time

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