Boondocking at Wal-Mart Essay

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Case 3.1 “Boondocking” At Wal-Mart
Q1: List the stakeholders involved and their influence. Identify any fundamentals of business or capitalism involved. Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park Owners---For example: Ted McAfee. These owners have directly influence on the local city regulations and Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart stores---The stores allow those RV owners parking at store parking lots for free; however, they do not provide any kind of facilities to them. RV owners---They preferred to parking at Wal-Mart’s parking lots because the RV Park is not parking for free and the cost of gasoline was increased. Local communities---some RV owners from the U.S. communities boycott the local regulations. Local city government---Establish some
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communities and RV owners.
Q3: What can or should RV Park operators like Ted McAfee do? First of all, they should have conservation with RV owners to discuss the issue about parking fee and provide other service. Two-way communication is the key here. The local government and communities should be involved in this conservation. All the considering issues should be addressed by conservation, not boycott movement. They can negotiate the parking fee and the price of gasoline, and then sign an agreement.
Case 3.2: Tea with the CEO
Q1: List the stakeholders involved and their influence. Customer (Susan Drummond) ---As the customer, Susan reasonably argues with Rogers to protect her right. And she did not yield. She insist to have a fair feedback from Rogers Company (Rogers) --- Rogers know the customer’s calling patterns. And when customers’ calling patterns change, Rogers has the policy to notify the customer of this change. However, Susan was not notified. Rogers’ CEO --- The CEO represent the company, and any negative new about company will damage the reputation of company. Court ---After small claims court, Rogers made an offer. But Susan still cannot accept the result. Social Media (The Globe and Mail and others) --- They report this story on its front page; it brings a huge publicity influence on Rogers’s management. As the result of that, the CEO phoned and apologized to Susan. Q2: What are the issues for Rogers Wireless and

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