Book Review : Dine And Dance Essay example

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Title: Dine and Dance
Member: Minghao, OC (female)
Genre: Fluff
Rating: Literally nothing explicit (MINGHAO IS MY SON)

He was always the really quiet child in the background. So when I got asked out by him, as the most popular female in school who rarely got asked out on dates, well I was immensely flattered. The redness of Minghao’s cheeks that particular lunchtime was so adorable. I was ready to go out with him then and there. Of course I, Rae King, had to maintain some posture, so I coolly responded with a “Yes” and the date and time had been set.
Exchanging numbers with him was possibly the funniest thing ever. Daniel and Louisa claimed that it was the highlight of lunchtime, because he’d kept on checking to see if he gave his number perfectly. It was sweet; he clearly wanted to make the effort. Seeing someone being so adorable like he was... I really admired Xu Minghao.

My parents were worried for me since I haven’t been on a date with anyone in a while, so they were adamant on interrogating him before we did anything. Well... it was awkward hearing them ask Minghao those typically weird questions. But I guess it was fun watching him get flustered again. Dad approved quite quickly. My mother however was very difficult to sway, for lack of better wording.
But eventually, my date was able to go on, and Minghao led the way to it timidly. The nerves had been flying about a lot but I was really excited. Dan and Lou both wished me luck on our group chat and I guess…

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