Singing In The Rain

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Gene Kelly 's full name is Eugene Curran “Gene” Kelly. He was born on August 23, 1912 at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, US and lived till 83. Kelly passed away on February 2,1996. Even though he was a citizen of America, he was Irish and ¼ German. Gene began to dance when he was 15. He was known as an all rounder because he was an American actor, singer, film director, producer, dancer and above all a choreographer. He was well known for his good looks and energetic style of dance. Kelly 's family started a dance studio in Pittsburgh. In 1932 the studio was renamed as Gene Kelly studio of Dance After starting the dance company, he decided to pursue his carer as a choreographer. It was a successful venture. Kelly often adapted unusual techniques …show more content…
It was my first time watching his video and honestly I would say I loved it. All the moves in the video looks so simple while we see it. We could see from the beginning of the video, we could see a small conversation between Gene and his girlfriend. Later he kisses and departed from his love. Then he starts to dance in the rain with exotic happiness and fun. The dress which he wore in this video looked quite formal with a hat and an umbrella. He used the umbrella as a prop for this video which makes this dance authentic. I loved hi way of dance because at first he starts slow with small steps and simple steps. And then gradually he started to gain speed and changes his tone of dance. He always makes sure that his dance is funny and rhythmic. We could see in the middle of the video he does two impossible moves. One where he flips the umbrella open and then the other one where he kicks it from the ground and catches it with his hands. Most of the time, we could see him do tap dance and a bit of ballet moves. He dances the way like no ones watching him. At the end of the video, we could see him kicking waters and jumping on potholes. The most funny part of the video is where in the end he dances in circles and suddenly he pauses noticing the police behind him. His spectacular and mind blowing way of dancing makes it to been seen more than once. The focus was mainly on Gene because because there were no one else along with him. Its just him expressing his emotions and feeling through dance in the

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