Book Report On The Book ' I Am ' Essay

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From the day I was big enough to hold a book in my hands I’ve been drawn to the seemingly magical qualities they possess, from the suspenseful plotlines to the loveable characters. The ability to travel out of my normal life into the amazing world of whatever novel I am reading is especially wonderful when real life seems stressful or bleak, which happens often enough in these fabulous teenage years. During the summer I go to the library or the bookstore and scour the shelves for books I haven’t read yet, then leave with stacks at a time. While my dad and sister enjoy the great outdoors, I sit alone on the couch, or on the deck, or on a tube in the pool, engrossed in the adventures and romances unfolding before my eyes. Sometimes I immerse myself so deeply into novels that I don’t even notice things happening around me, like someone standing right in front of me or calling my name.
Fiction authors have the ability to draw readers into the plot and action of the story, until a larger significance in the novel is understood. Audrey Niffenegger is a renowned author who has written many novels with varying genres, all subcategories of fiction, who has been referred to as taking influence from the gothic era and compared Edward Gorey and Edvard Munch in style. She centered the plotline of her international bestseller The Time Traveler’s Wife, in two areas from her past; a small town in Michigan where she was born and Chicago, Illinois where she grew up. Taking from her…

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