Analysis Of The Time Traveler's Wife

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The time traveler’s wife is an excellent novel about how time traveling affects a man’s life, especially a relationship with his lover Clare. But, time traveling isn’t the only thing affecting the events in this Audrey Niffenegger novel. Henry and Clare’s relationship prove to influence many of the things happening in the story as well. Henry affects Clare’s childhood, which is focused on for most of the story. Clare arriving into Henry’s life helped him feel like living longer to have a future with her. Finally, Henry and Clare being in a relationship influenced their relationships with others in the story. This essay will cover how Henry and Clare’s relationship obviously affected different events in the novel.

First, Henry visiting Clare
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While visiting Clare during December, he had told her about his mother’s death, and how he blamed himself for it. He had mentioned how he wish that it was him that would’ve died instead of his mom. Clare helped him cope with her death, and helps make the anniversary of her death each year less painful than it was before. Since he has Clare, Henry makes more of a decision to find a doctor that would help him cure his time traveling. The motivation to find a cure leads to different events in the story, and it also allows them to be friends with the doctor and his family. The fact that they have a kid who will be able to time travel as well is another factor for Henry to get a cure for his condition. In addition, he has seen his future with Clare, so he makes sure that him and Clare have the future that he’s visited. An example is when they are looking for a bigger house, and Henry seems to turn every one down just after looking at the backyard. “Well, I wasn’t sure if you wanted to know this, but I’ve been in our home-to-be….So I’m just trying to duplicate the view, and when I do I figure that’s our house,” (281). He has seen the beautiful moments of their future together, and that is enough to keep him going. Henry and Clare’s relationship aided Henry to have a meaningful future, but also influenced their future’s with

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