Ultra Marathon Man Book Report

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Ultra Marathon Man

Dean Karnazes, Ultra Marathon Man is a book about without a doubt, the craziest man alive. Dean Karnazes, is a Greece man who grew up in the outskirts of L.A.. Dean has 2 siblings named Kraig, and Pary. His father and mother are Nick Karnazes, and Fran Karnazes. Dean started running around the age of 14, and absolutely fell in love with the sport. He blew away everyone that he raced against in middle school, and in his first year of high school cross country he won the state championship. Shortly after the state championship win, his favorite sibling Pary, died in a tragic car wreck. Pary’s death completely through Deans life into a spiral, he quit cross country and began heavy drinking, and was constantly into trouble.
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It honestly completely, just blew my mind. He makes you completely rethink how far, you can really push your body. Many times, I found myself getting goosebumps, and just an overwhelming feeling of awe. Dean pushing his body that far, makes me think I really can do absolutely, whatever I put my mind to. This book showed me, what a true work ethic really looks like. Really the only thing bad that I found about this book is that, it's kinda the same exact thing over, and over. Dean goes into, deep detail about running, like 3 or 4 marathons. It's kind of one of those things, that go with the saying, “once you've seen one, you've seen them all”, and that saying really holds true to this book. Don't get me wrong, the feats that he accomplishes are absolutely incredible, but it does start to get a little boring after awhile. Especially, when you read 150 pages in one night. I'm really not a person that's into running, like at all! Which is kind of weird, because that used to be all my brother thought about, but we are not the same person really whatsoever. So anyways, just the fact that it was running kind of made the story boring for me. Which at the same time is kind of stupid, because it's probably the best book, I've ever read. Which kind of completely contradicts, what I'm saying. 150 pages in I was starting to get very bored though. Just …show more content…
Or should I not? My complete, and honest recommendation would be to read this book! At times it did bore me, but goodness sake, for the most part it was so exhilarating! This probably sounds incredibly cheesy, but it kind of changed my life a little bit. I was beginning to start a bad habit of turning in work late, and not working as hard as I once did in the weight room, but after I read this my whole attitude changed! When I woke up this next morning, I went straight into the weight room and worked harder than I can ever remember, and I have kept that going for the last week in a half, and I don't intend on slowing down. Not sound cliché, but I kind of want to maybe someday train hard enough to be able to compete in one of these 100 milers, so called “Ultra Marathons”. Reading this book will 100% inspire you to, become a better person in life. The incredible thing to me about Dean Karnazes, is that after he had achieved, all these incredible accomplishments he then began to run marathons to save lives. He saved at least, 4 or 5 children who were in incredibly critical care, and needed a transplant immediately. He ran multiple, 200 mile marathons to raise money for these children. Each of these children, had very poor family's that couldn't support their need. Every child he raised money for survived, and still lives today! This is a prime example of who Dean Karnazes is. I think I have more than shown, why

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