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He starts to perceive that he has to make up his own beliefs, and that he cannot just follow what everyone believes.

The next phase of his adventure to maturity demands him making self-supporting choices. An example of this is when he helps Ultima to cure Uncle Lucas, even though he knows that the others will object. He starts to focus more on what he thinks, instead of what others think, even with all the consequences. Antonio has completed his adventure once he has buried Ultima’s owl. The burial symbolizes Antonio’s own innocence as he realizes that he should develop his principles by himself, and he should determine his own individuality.

Antonio begins a spiritual transformation as he starts losing confidence in his belief after he doesn’t hear God talk with him during his first Communion. While he keeps on doubting his ideology, Antonio discovers ease and advice in the heathen God, the Golden Carp.He is convinced that the Golden Carp can literally assist him throughout his search for theological clarity. The Golden Carp provides Antonio with an affecting sacred incident, which he was expecting to get earlier during his first communion. Instead of accepting his Catholicism, with no understanding, like his religion tells him to do so, Antonio’s understanding of the Golden Carp assists him in assessing his spiritual individuality. He resolves that it is bearable to doubt many features of his principles. As he decides to start accepting his spiritual practices,
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