Theme Of Innocence In The Kite Runner

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“Innocence, lack of guile or corruption; purity” ( Everyone loses their innocence; whether it is mentally or physically no one will stay innocent forever. Lord of the Flies by William Golding and The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini both deal with the loss of innocence which affected many people negatively, but how the innocence was lost, the symbols in the stories, and the negative effects from the loss makes the stories different.
How innocence was lost is one of the main reasons that set the books apart. In the book Lord of the Flies innocence was lost because the boys were stranded on the island. Without civilization and adults helping the boys make good decisions, the boys changed from innocent schoolboys into savages.
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Hassan lost his innocence physically in The Kite Runner because he was sexually assaulted by Assef, even though Hassan did not change physically he did lose that physical innocence he had. Not only did Hassan lose it physically is also lost it mentally. After being sexually assaulted he was not the same cheerful boy he once was, he became sad and lonely: “Lately, it seems all he wants to do is sleep” (Hosseini 81). This shows how he has changed; he is not cheerful he is mentally exhausted and physically hurt. Hassan was not the only one in The Kite Runner that lost his innocence, Amir did too. Amir only lost his innocence mentally; he lost it because he watched he best friend get sexually assaulted and he never helped Hassan …show more content…
In Lord of the Flies the loss leads to the murder of Simon and Piggy because the boys did not have an innocent conscience telling them that murder is not okay: “Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment leaned all his weight on the lever” (Golding 180). Roger leaning on the lever is what pushed the bolder down, killing Piggy; Roger could not tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong anymore because he was not an innocent boy anymore, he was a savage. Another negative effect was the boys almost did not get off the island. Jack and his tribe were having so much fun hunting and not having rules that they did not want to leave the island. Golding proves this by Jack’s part in a conversation between him and Ralph, “Jack had to think for a moment before he could remember what rescue was. Rescue? Yes of course! All the same, I’d like to catch a pig first – “(53). If Ralph, who still had some innocence left, was not in the story then the other boys would not have gotten off the island because there would be no one with any innocence and sympathy

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