Analysis Of The Devil Vs. Sympathy For The Flies

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Sachi Yang
Ms. Hale
English 10 ADV (1110.5)
June 15th 2016

I. Introduction a. Thesis Statement: After analyzing novel Lord of the Flies and the lyrics of “Sympathy for the devil”, it can be easy to find out that they have the subject about evil. Therefore, how do both of them prove that evil is a nature of human?

II. Topic #1: People choose to be evil if their self-interest is involved. a. The elderly boys only care about themselves, which means no one but Simon takes care of the little boys. b. In the feast, Ralph doesn’t help Piggy and Jack doesn’t share meat with Piggy. c. Public knew that there was a danger for the Kennedys, but they were
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Pilate kills Jesus for power even though Jesus is innocent. Counter argument: People continue to celebrate the value of selflessness which is a form of kindness of human. III. Topic #2: Greedy stimulates the evil side of people. a. Ralph wants to eat meat, and then he doesn’t refuse Jack, which isolates Piggy to be starving. b. Boys plunge into the excitement of killing so deeply that cause Simon’s death. c. Hitler set up World War II for gaining more land and power, which is a sign of greedy. d. Kings and queens fights for the holy land and the victory of their religion. Counter argument: Greed is good in the most of time.
IV. Topic #3: There is no devil who tempts people to be evil, but people do evil things by themselves. a. Roger does throw stones at other person on purpose, and no one tells him to do that. b. No one teaches boys how to kill pigs in such a bloody way. c. Russian people could just put their czar into prison, however, they killed czar and his whole
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In Lord of the Flies, Ralph knows that accepting the meat will result in the isolation of Piggy, but he still chooses to do so. He also has a complex excuse and struggle before the surrender, just as the book shows “Ralph’s dribbled. He meant to refuse meat, but his past die of fruit and nuts” (Golding 91). Therefore Piggy has been a prey to the “ an assertion of (Jack’s) power” (Golding 91). There are two kinds of greed appeared. One is the demand for the meat, which is from Ralph. The other is the strong desire for power, which is from Jack. Both of them have caused the embarrassing situation of Piggy. Although Jack and Ralph know that leaving Piggy starve is cruel, they are willing to do so by following the greed of their inside. In a different chapter of the book, boys plunge into the excitement of killing so deeply that cause Simon’s death. The detailed process is “At once the crowd surged after it, poured down the rock, leapt on to the beast screamed, struck, bit, tore” (Golding 193). From the description of the book, the cruelty is amplified to a sever state. Regarding to the former chapters, it is definitely no adults on the island, which means no one can teach them how to torture “the beast”. However, they just evolve into skilled and brutal hunters, which not only shows the desire of happiness from killing but also demonstrates the nature leads them to act like that

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