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Bless Me, Ultima Essay For many years, schools have been trying to ban the book Bless Me, Ultima from their reading lists; the book has caused a lot of controversy on whether to keep it in the reading lists or ban it from schools. Bless Me, Ultima is a book about a young boy named Antonio who grew up in Mexico; he tries to live up to his parent's expectations and questions his religion many times. Bless Me, Ultima was listed as the most commonly challenged book in the U.S in 2013. In 1992 California banned it from one of their districts; Colorado banned it in 2005 and Idaho banned it in 2013. The book has also been challenged in Texas, New Mexico, and New York. Bless Me, Ultima was number 75 on the American Library Assn.´s list of top banned books in the 1990s. Though the book has been challenged and banned because of the profanity, anti-catholic and it being sexually explicit, some people still enjoy it while they have it. Bless Me, Ultima has been banned and challenged because many parents were upset and claim it …show more content…
Bless Me, Ultima also includes witchcraft and a lot of death which causes many to believe its anti-catholic. In the article inspired by Robert Doyle, he states,¨ many profane and obscene references, vulgar Spanish words, and glorifies witchcraft, and death¨. What also makes people say its anti-catholic is that Antonio doubts his religion a lot. The book states,¨The golden carp, I whispered in awe. I could not have been more entranced if I had seen the Virgin, or God Himself¨(Anaya 114). In Newman California, the book was, ¨removed by the superintendent for being profane and anti-catholic, the teachers claimed the superintendent circumvented policy on book challenges and set a dangerous

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