Black Males And Police Brutality Essays

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We Will Overcome In today 's society black males are being looked at as apart of statistics. Me being a black male I endure the struggles that set us lower on the pole than others. There was a point when we all thought that we were equal. Unfortunately the lives of blacks’ males are being stereotype and viewed negatively. In American society the lives of black males are suffering as if we are living in the civil rights movements. These struggles include police brutality, hardships of finding good paying jobs, and the character and morals they were raised to have. In today 's day and age it is common that when a black male see the police they most likely have the sense of fear rather than a feeling of feeling safe. There are many cases going on with black males and police brutality. For example, Trayvon Martin was murdered for no reason which is devastating because his killer George Zimmerman basically judges him off his race because he was wearing hoodie. This shows how blacks are being stereotype. On the other hand the media doesn 't help because they put negative images on a person who was totally innocent. Black males fear this type of incident happening to them. In an interview Ta- Nehisi Coates states, "We look at young black kids with a scowl on their face, walking a certain way down the with their sweatpants dangling, however, with their hoodies on." (Coates). In this quote Coates understand that these…

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