Biology Lab Report Connective Tissue Essay

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Alvaro Comino


I. Abstract

In this experiment, identification and classification of different types of connective tissue was performed. Also, cells and extracellular matrix was to be identified in them. For this, different already prepared slides were chosen and observed under the microscope to then identify the different parts.

II. Introduction

Apart from the bone and cartilage, the rest of the specialized connective tissues are divided into 4: Muscle tissue, Adipose tissue, Nervous tissue and Blood tissue.

1. Muscle tissue: It is in charge of the contractive action or movement of the body. It can be attached to bone, internal organs and blood vessels. Due to this
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There are also Interneurons (Association neurons). * Glial cells: They are not conductive and their function is to provide a support system for the neurons.

4. Blood: It is formed by 55% of plasma and 45% of different specialized blood cells. 99% of these specialized cells are Erythrocytes or red blood cells carrying oxygen. The rest are white blood

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