Biology Beetroot Lab Report Essay

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Investigating Effects of duration of heating on permeability of beetroot cell membrane

Introduction: Cell membranes contain many different types of molecules which have different roles in the overall structure of the membrane. Phospholipids form a bilayer, which is the basic structure of the membrane. Their non-polar tails form a barrier to most water soluble substances. Membrane proteins serves as channels for transport of metabolites, some act as enzymes or carriers, while some are receptors. Lastly carbohydrate molecules of the membrane are relatively short-chain polysaccharides, which has multiple functions, for example, cell-cell recognition and acting as receptor sites for chemical signals.

The plasma membrane is a permeable
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diameter of beetroot core (8mm) 2. length of beetroot core (22 mm) 3. temperature of which beetroot is heated in (80°C) 4. volume of deionized water per trial (8ml) 5. colorimeter filter (green 565nm transmittance) 6. beetroot 7. cuvette

*My experiment was controlled by using deionized water, in order to get 100% transmittance when calibrated.

Control of Variables:
The diameter of the beetroot core can be kept same using the same sized core borer of 8mm each time.

The length of the beetroot core can be kept constant by measuring the lengths with vernier calipers (±0.001cm) and using a knife, cutting them to same lengths of 22mm.

The temperature of which the solution is heated in can be controlled by using the same 80°C water bath for all the trials, and using the thermometer (±0.05°C) to ensure that the water bath is constantly at 80°C.

The volume of deionized water should all be at 8ml, this can be controlled by using a measuring cylinder (±0.2ml) and a dropper to accurately measure out the correct amount.

The filter of the colorimeter should be controlled to green 565nm transmittance throughout all the trials, this can be done by double checking that the correct filter is being used at the start of every trial.

Materials Used:
Stopwatch (± 0.01 secs)

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