St Francis Of Assisi Analysis

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Marino Caracciolo
“Keep me safe, O God, in you I take refuge.”

St Francis of Assisi was born on September 26, 1182 in Assisi, Italy. He was born into a very rich family. He was spoiled and his parents didn’t discipline him. As a result of his free reign, he became a troubled child where he drank at a very early age, he partied, and was very rebellious. His parents didn’t seem to think that the way Francis was acting at a young age was a bad thing and didn’t think to reprimand him. He was later taken as a prisoner of war and was held up for ransom. Francis waited for his father to pay for him to be release, his father never did. In prison, Francis began to have visions that were from God. He was released from prison and immediately turned toward God. Instead of partying and drinking, he now spent most of his time praying at his mountain hideaway and helping sickly people such as lepers. One day while at the Church of San Damiano, Francis listened to Christ’s voice and Francis was told to rebuilt the Christian Church and live a
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He struggled with greed and gluttony. He never knew when to stop drinking or partying. The Sacrament that St Francis of Assisi is connected to most is Confirmation. After he found God, he looked toward the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Holy Spirit to guide him going on in his preachings. There were three fruits, especially, that Francis chose to act out in his Christian life. They were charity, goodness, and faithfulness. He would perform charity and goodness by helping lepers and other sick people wherever he preached. He performed faithfulness by staying with his beliefs in God throughout all the years after he became a devout Christian. He is also most connected to St. Thomas Merton in the fact that they were both troubled at a young age and didn’t make good choices. But in the end, they both chose to lead a Christian life and turn towards

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