Biochemistry Personal Statement

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Biochemistry is the “structure and function” within living organisms through chemical processes (Revier). Being able to master the subject is a driven force that grasped my attention to continue pursuing my academics through this major. My interest for the subject grew as I conducted further research to determine the benefits of having a degree in biochemistry and how it would aid me in the long runs by having a successful future. Simultaneously, I enrolled in an Introduction to Biochemistry class where I encountered eight biochemist who gave a presentation about their research projects that prolonged my interest in biochemistry allowing me to believe that I have made the right decision while entering college.
At first, I was anxious at the
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I am completely set on becoming a physical therapist, but if mistakes were made, or I stumble upon an obstacle that hinders my chance to become one, then I would need a fall back career that will be just as exciting and prospering as my first choice. Upon my graduation from Texas Tech University, I would be seeking acceptance letters from the following physical therapy schools: Texas Tech University Health Science Center, Texas State University in San Marcos, The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, and The University of Florida in Gainesville to continue enhancing my education and become a certified physical therapist after preparing for my certification exam. I chose these graduate schools because I have family members that are attending/have graduated from these schools and started their jobs efficiently. I also would like to continue studying at either Texas or Florida due to the high demands for physical therapy jobs across the nation. Upon my acceptance into physical therapy school, it will take a lot of commitment, perseverance, and time, in order to be build the foundation of my career. Once I pass my certification exam, I will become a licensed physical therapist seeking a job at a hospital or clinic for the next few years until I decide to start my own …show more content…
These are my backup options because I have interest in both physicians and will still have a flourishing life. I will only continue with my plan B if my dreams of becoming a physical therapist does not succeed as I envisioned. I feel that it is crucial to have a backup plan because you can never be too careful in life. Studying biochemistry will help me achieve these goals by making me stand out when applying to physical therapy school, as well as having other jobs open for me if I don’t become a physical therapist. If I majored in kinesiology instead of biochemistry, I would have a tough time finding another occupation that will allow me to be just as prosperous as a physical therapist. In place of a physical therapist profession, I would be an athletic trainer for high school students or any professional sport activities such as the National Football League, National Basketball Association, Federation Internationale de Football Association, Major League Baseball, and many more. Basically, I would have to start off small and work my way up to have a higher paying job to provide for my family and myself with the growing economic issues therefore majoring in biochemistry is the best decision I have made while entering

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