Bill Gates V. Gates Essay

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On October 28,1955 William Henry Gates the 3rd was born in Seattle, Washington. He is better known as Bill Gates the very talented co-founder of microsoft along with his business partner Paul Allen. Bill grew up in a upper middle class family with 2 sisters. One older and one younger than him. His father a law student and his mother who was a teacher which he was very close with. His mother was also one of the most corporate boards who worked on the very first interstate board founded by her grandfather. Bill Gates had a very astonishing desire for the purpose of technology at a very young age. He was also had high scores in school and succeeded in nearly all of his subject’s including drama and english. While he was attending lakeside school computer company offered in order to provide computer time for students. That is where he built a basic computer language that allowed the computer to play tic-tac-toe with a user. At Lakeside was where Bill met his partner Paul Allen over they were both passionate over computers. They eventually got there privileges of computer time removed after they hacked into the computer system and extended their time they had to use on the computer. At age 15 years old he started a computer program which was named “Traf-O-Data” with his partner Paul. It was a program that allowed the user in order to monitor traffic patterns in the Seattle area and it’s net worth was $20,000. He wanted to start a company but his parents wanted him to finish…

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