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Many successful people do not begin as a virtuoso. In fact, most do not achieve success with only their power. They receive assistance, whether it was in the form of a mundane person or remarkable program. Two recurring factors Malcolm Gladwell mentions in Outliers: The Story of Success are opportunities, and as is repeatedly implied, environment. As Gladwell continuously proves many successful people, like Bill Gates, owe their success to those same two factors. Opportunity and one’s environment connect to various circumstances, including non obvious examples like the science industry. Although opportunities and environment are sometimes dependent on the society one is immersed in. Therefore, we can summarize the road to success is a result of opportunity, culture and environment, and the influence of society.

In the novel, Gladwell looks into the success of the infamous founder of Microsoft as an example of opportunity, Bill Gates. As a child, he was clever and not challenged enough in school, so his parents enrolled him in a private school for the elite. During the middle of Gates second year, the school started a computer club, impressive
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They both were advanced in important fields no one else was familiar with and had advantages because of the environment they were born in. The Chinese numerical system itself is also an example of advantages, considering the effect it had the minds of Chinese speakers. A self-made man is someone who has achieved success based on their own rigorous work. Not a single example listed, had singular effects that led to success. Each and every point was built upon by future opportunities and the desires of the community around them. Therefore success is not something that is achieved solely by one person, but is a collaboration of factors. As Gladwell said himself, the story to success is “not a book about tall trees. It’s a book about forests” (Gladwell,

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